About IABF

Our focus is on building on-going relationships with our clients

About Iabf
IABF Law Group is a leading firm in Indonesia, with a great spirit of teamwork and collegiality. IABF has started to actively providing legal services to the business communities in Indonesia since 2003. IABF’s clients range from individuals and start-up enterprises to leading business companies in Indonesia, including large national and multinational companies. Our focus is on building on-going relationships with our clients. One way in which we assist our clients beyond standard legal services, is by tapping into our strong network of both private and public-sector contacts in Indonesia, in connecting clients with relevant business contacts,
market intelligence and opportunities. Our lawyers selected from a range of diverse career back- grounds, including multi-national corporations, national and international law firms, financial institutions, government bodies and university academia. This breadth of experience and sector knowledge contained within our team guarantees that we guide our clients to the best commercial business outcome available.
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Careers at: IABF

We pride ourselves as being a law firm that nurtures the potential of our young lawyers.

Our partners are hands-on in developing the individual talents of our young lawyers so that it can be a basis for the development of their future careers in the legal profession.