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IABF Law Firm Wins Indonesia Law Firm Awards 2021 in Energy Sector

Asia Business Law Journal has named IABF Law Firm (“IABF”) as one of the winners of Indonesia Law Firm Awards 2021 in energy sector.

Asia Business Law Journal also wrote that IABF Law Firm recently advised a state-owned airport operator, Angkasa Pura II, in its debt restructuring of IDR11.5 trillion and new loan facilities from various state-owned banks for IDR3.5 trillion.

Beside the above, in the Asia Business Law Journal’s article, Nano Aryono, the director of corporate strategy and business development at airport support company Cardig International in Jakarta said that “IABF has assisted me in several companies and projects since 2011. We are very satisfied with their work. Their legal and commercial knowledge and their problem-solving approach have assisted us in achieving the best commercial business outcome”.

In the same article, Iwan Murty, CEO of Research and Business (RB) Consulting in Jakarta said that IABF has been helpful in navigating any legal issues in contracting, along with the associated risks. “Ivan Baely and his team always present clear options, with the pros and cons. At the end, if it is not fundamental, they will always respect my decisions and make sure that whatever decisions I make, I will still be protected legally.


Published by: IABF Law Firm

Published on: 13 Sep 2021

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