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Emiyasusi Susanti, S.S

苏喜(Susi) 1992年在印度尼西亚大学中文系获得学士学位叫文学学士(SS); 现在改为语言文化系。Susi主要实践领域是汉语教学和汉语交际。

Susi 的汉语交际能力可靠又流利。她积极参加过几班汉语教师培训。到现在她还当汉语教师和汉语翻译员。

chinese teacher, translator

Susi (Susi) received a bachelor’s degree in the Chinese Department of the University of Indonesia in 1992 called Bachelor of Arts (SS); now it is changed to the Department of Language and Culture. Susi’s main areas of practice are Chinese language teaching and Chinese communication.

Susi’s Chinese communicative skills are reliable and fluent. She has actively participated in several classes of Chinese teacher training. Up to now, she is still working as a Chinese teacher and a Chinese translator.

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